Moving on

lotsof books

That’s the paper more or less done.

I have a pretty clear picture of the PhD that I now want to do, I do need to consider the resources required and where best to do it though.


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I know I am slow in picking up on the latest trends, but I have finally noticed that my line of research falls under a new category. I see that in the area of Informatics, within which I am currently researching, there is a sub category of AstroInformatics… I assume that is the category within which my work is now defined.

I usually get there in the end…

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Finally good enough for submission, got the thumbs up. there are suggestions that I should consider doing a conference paper. I suspect there are a whole new set of academic skills required to create a piece of work to take to a conference.

Time to start learning those skills!


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This is hard work!

books and glasses

Academic writing requires so much precision. Soon I hope I will have succeeded in producing a research document up to the required high standard and will be allowed to submit it as my thesis.

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Submission date


Looks like I am making progress after all. My supervisor has asked me to pick a submission date for my research. I’ve done that so now it’s work, work, work (no change there then 🙂 )

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My research into astronomical data retrieval

What is my research about?

The purpose of this research is to show that from a variety of astronomical data sources and by using XML Technologies an advanced construct of usefully structured data can be produced in an XML Document. From this work so far an XML Schema has been developed in such a way that it not only handles the variety of data used in this research but is capable of being extended to include the full breadth of astronomical data storage content in the future.

Who will it be useful to?

This research is in effect a proof of concept which is able to point the way towards the development of a W3C eligible XML Schema to be used as a standard in the astronomical research and industry sectors.

What problems will it help to solve?

There are a vast number of different ways that astronomical data is saved, both in terms of the data structures and the data types. To be able to retrieve this huge amount of disparate data into a standard widely used structure would mean a very large saving in time and money along with more complete retrieval (less data omitted).

Using a resource of this type would help to interpret, analyze and evaluate the huge backlog of stored astronomical data whilst at the same time help to handle the high rate of new data being stored, more efficiently and more cheaply.

If you are doing similar research it would be great to hear from you, or if you have any questions, post a comment.


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Grappling with critical analysis


I am at the second revision stage of my Masters by Research thesis on astronomical data retrieval, and am trying to develop my critical analysis section. I know I need to think about relating my data analysis to some critical theory, but not quite sure where to start yet, so will be exploring this over the weekend.



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